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Dr. Andi Haper, Animal Magic Care


I am Dr. Andi Harper, a dedicated canine chiropractor, with over two decades of experience dedicated to pet health and animal wellness. I’m excited to share my journey and invite you into the world of holistic pet health. 

My Story

For over 20 years, I've had the privilege of caring for animals and their loving guardians. My practice is a rich tapestry of learning, growth, and heartfelt connections, deeply nourishing my soul. Each year, adjustment, and success story has enhanced my passion and expertise, shaping me into a knowledgeable and empathetic practitioner, finely attuned to the subtle signals of animal behavior.


At the core of my work is a steadfast belief in providing comprehensive, compassionate care that thoroughly addresses the physical and emotional health of animals. Each adjustment aims to restore balance, improve mobility, and relieve discomfort, all within a trustful, relaxing environment. I blend scientific precision with intuitive insight to ensure your pet's well-being is handled with utmost care and understanding.


My journey is characterized by continuous education and growth, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in every aspect of my practice. This commitment to ongoing learning means your pet benefits from care that is not only rich in experience but also in line with the latest advancements in animal chiropractic care.


Building trust is fundamental in my practice. I deeply understand and respect the bond between you and your pet, and I’m here to strengthen and support that connection. Your insights, questions, and concerns are invaluable, and I welcome them as we work together to provide the best care for your pet.


I invite you to reach out with any questions or thoughts you have as we embark on this journey together. Your pet's health and well-being are our shared priority, and I am here to guide you every step of the way.


Thank you for considering me as your partner in nurturing your animal's wellness.

Bachelors of Science from National College of Chiropractic April 2000

Doctorate of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences April 2002

Certification of Basic Animal Chiropractic Program at Options for Animals February 2003

“Shoot-Out at the AK Corral”, Applied Kinesiology and Functional Neurology 1 & 2 March 2013

“Green AK-ers”, Applied Kinesiology and Functional Neurology 3 & 4 Aug 2015

Neurology for the Common Joe and Jane, PART ONE - The Peripheral Nervous System  December 2022

Neurology for the Common Joe and Jane, PART TWO - Spinal Cord and Brain Asymmetry December 2023

Animal Magic Care Living Room
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